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The rapid development of industrialization, transition to an “knowledge-based economy”, promotion of innovation activities are among the major elements of economic policy of any state with open economy. The availability of high-potential cadre “skill pool” is considered one of the major and irreplacable resources in today’s scientific-technological advancement and industrialization era.

To this effect, Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences, Universities and Institutions dealing with specific research areas are actively involved in preparation of highly qualified specialists for various fields of activity in Azerbaijan. As, the preparation of Doctors of Philosophy and Doctors of Science (PhD in Economics) is successfully being carried out through in-depth study at the Institute for Scientific Research on Economic Reforms (ISRER) under the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan according to its primary function.


The admission to this level of higher education is carried out each academic year in accordance with the Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated July 1, 2010, No. 129, “On Establishment of Doctoral Level of Education and Admission Regulations” and the current admission plan.

According to the appropriate regulations, the announcement on the admission is made publicly to communicate to the great audience.

The list of the required documents:

Application/petition (addressed to the director);

Applicants’ personal registration form;


4 pcs photo (in 3x4 sm format);

Recommendation letter from an employer (for working applicants);

Extract from the work record card (labour book) (for those having work experience);

List of the published scientific works or a research paper (those who apply for postgraduate education level (Dissertantura) must submit a list of scientific publications conforming to the selected qualification);

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) a notary-certified copy of diploma (on the Doctor of Science);

A notary-certified copy of higher eduction diploma (a certificate on recognition of education documents for citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan who studied abroad); International certificate on foreign language knowledge skills (if available);

A copy of ID card.


Admission to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree program

Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan with higher education (those who have been conferred with master’s degree or the equivalent) are eligible for admission on a competitive basis.

Applicants eligible to apply for a PhD degree program shall pass examination from the major subject, foreign language (except for Russian language, the choice shall be free and consistent with the qualification) and academic programs applicable to master’s degree program on philosophy.


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) through Dissertation

Applicants conferred a higher education degree (those who have been awarded with a master’s degree or the equivalent), scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel from higher education institutions and scientifc-research organizations or centers with research achievements in a specific area are eligible to apply admission to the Doctorate degree program (dissertantura).

- Applicants who have completed the doctorate degree program through disseration are not allowed to obtain the doctor’s degree (dissertator) in the same discipline repeatedly.

- Applicants who have fully completed the doctorate degree program are not eligible to obtain the second degree in the same discipline through disseration.

- In general, applicants who want to obtain a Dissertator status must have experience in scientific and pedagogical work.


List of disciplines:

5301.01 «Domestic fiscal policy and public finances»

5302.01 «Econometrics»

5306.01 «Economics of Technology and Innovation (ETI)»

5309.01 «Industrial organization and public policy»

5310.01 «World Economy»

5312.01 «Sector Economics»


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