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"... A nation is always known for its intellectuals, culture and science ..."

National Leader of Azerbaijan HEYDAR ALIYEV


As time passes, the living standards and opportunities are changed, the capacity for application of science is being expanded, and new “generations of technology” are emerged that makes the role of libraries as community and cultural centres even more important.

Despite of provided with the latest technological advances in any form, any library serves as an effective means for protection and preservation of various types of multiple information, making them available to users, delivery to the next generations, and protector of cultural heritage.

Founded in 1964, Scientific and Technical Library of the Institute launched its activity since in 1967. The collection of resources available in the library (occupying a total area of 72 m2) comprises over 20,000 books and periodicals. These resources collected in the form of catalogues.

The library functions in accordance with the requirements of   the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan On “Libraries”. The library funds are regularly enriched with popular books and periodicals related to the local and foreign literature. Moreover, pursuant to the Instructive Order No. 56,  as of January 12, 2004, of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the library has greatly enriched its literature collection with books and periodicals presented by the Executive Office of the President, the National Library named after M.F.Akhundov, Republican State Children's Library named F.Kocharli, the US Embassy in Baku and other embassies and representative offices of international organizations and institutions, authors and other available sources.

Currently, the library fund includes periodicals from local and foreign sources, scientific journals, as well as the collection of laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the statistical materials published by the State Statistics Committee, auto abstracts and so on.

The Library of the Institute has established close cooperation with local partners such as the National Library of Azerbaijan named after M.F.Axundov, the Central Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, the Library of the Institute of Economics of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Republican Scientific and Technical library.

The library provides free access to anyone who wishes to use its materials and resources.

Contact information:


(Honored Art Worker)

Institute for Scientific Research on Economic Reforms (ISRER)

Head of Department for Library and Scientific Publications


Administrative Building of ISRER

88a, H.Zardabi Avenue, Baku city

Tel:  +99412 4310993 (ext. 3902)

Fax: +99412 4300215

Mob: +99451 3363785

E-mail: sayali.abbasaliyeva@economy.gov.az







To become familiar with the content of lists (Catalogues) in below, please download the file.

CATALOGUE I   – (since 1967)

CATALOGUE II   (various years)

CATALOGUE III – (various years)

Publications are available in Azeri, Russian, and English based on publication language. 


CATALOGUE IV – (Haydar ALIYEV “Our Independence is Forever.”) (Electronic Documentations Collection)  

The list of the Collection in English, while the content of the publication available only in Azeri.



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