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After regaining its independence, Azerbaijan  has emerged as a significant player in the international policy arena through cooperation with a number of reputable international organizations. Therefore, it is reasonable that any organization according to its profile, becoming a participant of the international integration process is eager for hosting international events and searching opportunities to attend scientific-technical events held overseas.

Considerable works have been conducted in recent years by the Institute for Scientific Research on Economic Reforms (ISRER) under the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in relation to economic research, capacity building, exchange of information, the expansion of cooperation with foreign partners, international organizations and funding organizations.



We are proud to bring into your attention a part of activities carried out by the Institute to develop and extend the cooperative relationship with our partners!


Attaching great importance to extending and developing the relations with international organizations, the Institute for Scientific Research on Economic Reforms (ISRER) maintains fruitful and close cooperation with THE ECONOMIC COOPERATION ORGANISATION (ECO).

As part of the measures taken in connection therewith, the last year, the works were carried out for establishment of Research Center of the ECO in Baku, in the framework of the joint cooperation during the period covering 2013-2014, the 1st and 2nd “Baku-Forum Conferences”, the 1st and 2nd meeting of the Editorial Board of the Journal of “Economics”, training for delegates of the ECO member states were held in Baku, in response, the specialists of the Institute attended the events held in the member states of the organization and the meetings of the ECO Regional Planning Council (RPC).

The development of non-oil sector and provision of scientific support to stable economic growth through effective use of oil revenues are amongst the priorities of the economic policy of the government. From this standpoint, a great importance is attached to the study of local capacity or effective use of the international experience.

Hence, within the framework of the project on “Capacity Building Support to the Ministry of Economic Development to encourage the development of a competitive non-oil sector in Azerbaijan” implemented during 2009-2010 by the Institute in cooperation with the country office of the United Nations Development Programme in Baku, research works on the topics-improvement of competitiveness in the economic areas of Azerbaijan such as transport, trade, transit, agriculture, tourism and strenghtening the regional economy were conducted.

The in-depth and science-based analysis of indicators featuring the country's socio-economic development and preparation of forecasts reflecting the development trends, analysis and essessment of the country’s socio-economic development indicators contributed to the development of “General Equilibrium Model of the Republic of Azerbaijan on a single platform” based on the application of economic-mathematical modeling. In this connection, a close cooperation was established with  “EcoMod Network” company (Global Economic Modeling Network) and the project entitled “Development of General Equilibrium Model of the Republic of Azerbaijan” was successfully implemented.

Moreover, within the framework of this co-operation, the specialistis of the Institute have regularly attended international conferences on the topic “Economic Modelling (EcoMod2010, EcoMod2011, EcoMod2012, EcoMod2013)” and made presentations to share the research findings with the audience.

One of the other outstanding tasks assigned to the Institute Scientific Research for Economic Reforms was to conduct research studies on development of agriculture, particularly the organic agriculture sector. In view of the fact that such an new initiative was  launched in Azerbaijan for the first time, since 2011, the Institue initiated and established a cooperation with the Baku office of “Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency” (TIKA) of the Prime Ministry of the Republic of Turkey. A research on “Studying the Turkish experience in the process of development of organic farming in Azerbaijan and development of interagency cooperation” was conducted during 2011-2012.

As a result of the research work, scientific-practical conferences were held on the topics: “Organic farming and sustainable development in Azerbaijan” (in Ganja city), “The role of organic farming in the enhancement of non-oil export potential” (in Baku city); roundtables were organized on below topics: “SWOT analysis for the assessment of the prospects for development of organic farming”, “Prospects for the development of organic farming and viticulture” and “Trends in development of organic agriculture in Azerbaijan”, a textbook designed specifically for the secondary school students and the Draft Action Plan for the development of organic farming  for the period 2012-2017 was elaborated.

In accordance with the State Program on “Development of wine-growing in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2012-2020”, the Institute for Scientific Research on Economic Reforms (ISRER) conducted research in a variety of economic areas and made relevant proposals and guidelines in this connection. Prof., Dr. Vilayat VALIYEV, Director of ISRER attended the 10th meeting of the International Organization for Vine and Wine (OIV) held in Izmir, Turkey, in 2012 where he held an exchange of with the representatives of OIV for searching the opportunities to encourage the development of viticulture and wine-making in Azerbaijan with its enormous capacity and good viticultural experience.

Research work on studying the international best practices related to insurance and leasing services in the field of viticulture and winemaking, analysis of the current situation in the field of agricultural subsidies, preparation of relevant proposals and guidelines for improvement of this process taking into account the international best practices were conducted by the Institute. The organization of various seminars with presentations of foreign experts, provision of information about Azerbaijan, as well as delivery of the Azerbaijani realities to a larger audience are of high priority issues constantly deserving the attention.

Hence, on June 4-5, 2013, meetings intended for MBA students from Brandies University, a research university in the United States, were held on the topic “COUNTRY TOUR: Azerbaijan” by the Institute, and presentations intended particularly for students making their first visit to Azerbaijan were organized at the Institute and other government agencies. One of the important directions of ensuring sustainable development is the development of specialized, innovation-oriented and competitive entrepreneurship environment. From this standpoint, focusing mainly on small and medium-sized enterprises with provison of government support is of great importance for promoting industrialization in the country. Fostering entrepreneurship development requries a mutually beneficial coordination between scientific-research and educational institutions in terms of interactions and collaborations.

Furthermore, a great progress has been achieved in the application of research output to the production process as a result of studying the international experience and regional entrepreneurship capacity. In this regard, International Conference on “Role of entrepreneurship in socio-economic development: Turkish-Azerbaijani experience” was organized in association with the Institute for Scientific Research on Economic Reforms (ISRER), Ozyegin University of the Republic of Turkey, Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO) and Baku Business Training Center (BBTC) in Baku, on 3 June 2013. Moreover, studying the experience of Turkey in boosting the entrepreneurial activity, as well as cooperation and exchange of experience with the organizations in Azerbaijan in this field were on the agenda as well.

Within the framework of the conference, ONLINE COMPETITION  entitled “VIRTUAL STOCK EXCHANGE” was held and winners were awarded. The online-based competition was co-organized by ATIG Securities, Turkey (Advised Trading Investment Group) and Ozyeğin University between April 8-May 6, 2013. 166 students represented Azerbaijan in this competition.

During 2010-2015, a number of bilateral and multilateral memorandums of understanding, cooperation agreements were concluded with Moldova, South Korea, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries to conduct joint research works aimed at expanding cooperation relations, exchange of information and experience, as well as organization of joint events.

For the purpose of extending cooperative relations with foreign and international organizations, in line with the expansion of the joint activities, supporting the active participation of specialists of both parties in international scientific and technical events, in particular, during 2010-2015, the delegates of the Institute paid numerous official visits to countries such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Czech Republic, China, South Korea, France, Moldova, Hungary, Turkey, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Georgia, Portugal, Indonesia, India, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Malaysia through different sources of funding. In general, 124 official visits were made within the stated period and part of travel expenses were covered by organizers or funding organizations.


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