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The logo of the Institute for Scientific Research on Economic Reforms (ISRER) was renewed on the eve the 50th Anniversary of its foundation. The components and the meanings thereof of our New Logo is presented as follows:

The foundation of the logo is inspired by our octagon star.


This is a star of our tri-color flag first introduced in 1918. At the time, when defining principles of statehood, the 8 principles selected were: Turkism, Islamism, Modernism, Statism, Democracy, Equity, Azerbaijanis and Culturalism.

Indication used in contemporary radar charts is given as a line.


The colors reflecting this element are based on 3 colors used in our flag:

BLUE COLOR - implies turkic origin of Azerbaijani people;

RED COLOR - implies modernism and aspirations to develop democracy; and

GREEN COLOR - points to belonging to Islamic civilization.

These elements of the logo are used as arrows of radar chart and are based on our octagon star.


This octagon element reminiscent of spider’s web is also an indication of world wide web (www). It conveys globalization, e-solutions, application information technologies in the development of science and progress, importance, necessity and inevitability of an access to regional and global networks.


This element of the logo reflects the foundation year of the ISRER.

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