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Economic efficiency and changing dynamic conjuncture in market conditions innovation infrastructure is a complex of economic and organizational institutions that promote the implementation of innovative processes of business entities in the country.

In order to form the said infrastructure with the idea of a pilot platform the Azerbaijan Technological Transfer Network (AzTTN), which is considered as a groundbreaking process for the formation of innovation infrastructure  will start operating soon. 

With the formation of important and essential initial elements of infrastructure the main purpose of ensuring the operation of this platform achievement and commercialization of all technological processes in the country in the future, as well as the acquisition of a visual model on the role of the Institute for Scientific research on Economic reforms of Ministry of Economy.

Our mission:

Commercialization of  innovative entrepreneurship development and science-intensive technologies.

Our vision:

Strengthening cooperation with science (university), industry and government, supporting science-intensive and developmental areas, to expand the application of the results of these works, to become a quality information platform to expand opportunities for facilitating the application of the results obtained.

Our goal:

Effective and efficient implementation of all related activities aimed at supporting the development of innovative entrepreneurship, concentrated retail activities carried out by various agencies (structural units).

Our tasks:

study of industry and private sector needs, science-based solutions to meet these needs, providing solutions with high potential staff;

provision of enlightenment on branding, utility models, licenses, certificates, intellectual property, ideas (results);

consulting services, for ideas owners who want to create a company, encouraging and supporting the establishment of research and innovative companies and ensure continued collaboration;

provision of enlightenment and support of the development of innovative and investment projects, promotion and sales support of the products that are growing in domestic and foreign markets;

achievement of technological transfer of economic development at the national level by strengthening cooperation between science, universities, citizens and the state;

to achieve  dynamic structure, quality database, achieving flexible staffing potential, infrastructure integrated with experience



Information on technologies included in the Institute for Scientific Research on Economic Reforms of the Ministry of Economy updated regularly in Azerbaijani, English and Russian.



- Treatment of therapeutic naphthalene oil from waste and the method of acquiring the decontaminated White Naftalan english (*.DOC)


- Depth pump unit english (*.DOC)


- Washing of oil soils  with  surface active substance hot water english(*.DOC)




At present In cooperation with the International Center for Scientific and Technical Information (ISCTI) Institute for Scientific Research on Economic Reforms of the Ministry of Economy works to promote technology in the country.

In this context, those who wish to disseminate information about technologies abroad is recomended to fill out the following forms (in Russian) and send them via email.

Structure of filling out a technological requestfor the profile of RCTT (Republican Center for Technology Transfer)


 TOP-100 technological innovations

"TOP-100 Scientific Results and Technological Innovations of the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences" posted an information booklet for economic sectors in the "Catalog of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus" section on the Internet portal of the Republican Technology Transfer Center (RCTT).

"Catalogs ofthe Belarusian National Academy of Sciences"

This publication is a reference booklet for economic sectors of the country about scientific, scientific and technical results and technological innovations of organizations of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus:

Section I "Scientific, technical and technical results obtained for completed tasks, activities on various state programs", Other Contracts for Research Projects in 2017 ";

Section II “Scientific and technical innovations, obtained Within the various development programs of the previous period, development (implementation) of the economy has been implemented in 2017 “

Section III "Scientific products developed and manufactured by scientific institutions of the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences, economic Sector Servicing in 2017 ".

    The brochure is based on materials from the organizations and departments of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus and Designed for Government Officials, Heads and Specialists of State and Non-Governmental Organizations.

Information booklet(Guide)

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